Eftyhis Kyriakopoulos

Commercial & Chartering Director

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, has given Eftyhis the opportunity to see from a very early age what it means to run a business and what it takes to be a leader. At the age of 23 he assumed the position of Head of Sales at the family car dealership business «Citroen Afoi Kyriakopouloi SA», while continuing his post-graduate studies in International, European and Area Studies at the Panteion University. Three years later he took leadership of the project to set-up a new branch that would focus on the import and sales of used luxury cars from all over Europe. In 2009 after accumulating a 10-year experience in sales and business administration, he moved on to co-found OpenSea Rib Charter along with Christos and Kimon, where he successfully holds the role of Commercial Director for the last 10 years. His undergraduate studies are in Business Administration & HR from Aix- Marseille III University.