Technical Specifications

  • Length: 9.60m
  • Beam: 2.70m
  • Draught: 0.75m
  • Dry weight: 2200 kg
  • Propulsion: Twin Outboard Motors
  • Max. Horsepower: 2 Χ 300hp 
  • Persons: 8
  • CE Category: C

Your Sporty Day Cruiser

Rock Marine 30 is the RIB boat with the sporty character and the elegant heart. Designed for high-performance, speed and maneuverability, it offers you an exciting and dynamic boating experience while it travels you with style and comfort. Feel free to explore sandy beaches or hidden coves and infuse your day with endless joy!    

The Smart V-Hull

The exceptional V-Hull of Rock Marine 30 cuts through waves providing a smoother ride while allowing for increased speed and improved maneuverability. Offering better stability and handling even in choppy waters, with a transom of 21o, your journey can be as exciting as economical. Take advantage of the 3 ventilating steps that minimize resistance and maximize performance.

The Ergonomic Console

The driving experience of Rock Marine 30 is truly distinctive. Special attention has been given to the console’s ergonomics providing an unparalleled experience for the boat’s operator. Drive with ease and accuracy, thanks to the precise steering control and adjust all controls easily, even in challenging conditions with high winds and rough waters.

Built For Race, Designed For Enjoyment 

Appreciate the exhilarating acceleration of the boat and the unique sensation having the wind rushing past you. Feel the invigorating energy of crystal clear waters and let yourself loose into the magical colors of a beautiful sunset. There is nothing you can’t enjoy while on your very own Rock Marine!

Freedom and Adventure

Rock Marine 30, with its exceptional durability, reliability, comfort and top technology drives you to explore the seas and coastlines at your own pace. Follow its naval soul and navigate through waves and around coves exploring places under a new perspective. Enjoy the ride and the beauty of sea and let yourself go into the big blue. The time is now.

Suitable for leisure or as a chase tender.